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Exclusive Clippers Ticket Offer

Represent the Clippers all season long. Get your tickets now!

Please follow the instructions below to get your tickets:

1. Click the "Find Tickets" button.
2. Find the special promo code included with your offer.
3. Enter your TicketMaster account ID (or e-mail address) and password on the left. If you have never created a Ticketmaster account, go to "Create an Account" on the right-hand side of the screen
4. Follow the instructions to purchase - you will be able to print the tickets right from your computer

For questions regarding the offer, please call (213-763-2675) or e-mail ticketadvantage@clippers.com
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Tickets to these group events are no longer available.

To see if individual tickets are available for these events, please visit ticketmaster.com

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