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It’s March 2014, it’s almost footy season, the most exciting time of the year.

There’s a smell of freshly cut grass in the air and the line markers have been busy applying the finishing touches to the Metricon Stadium surface.

The stands have been cleaned and the bars stocked ready for Gold Coast SUNS members to take their place.

But unlike previous years, we are bigger in numbers, louder in voice and more passionate.

So as the final touches are applied to the first game day banner of the season, air is pumped into the shiny new Sherrin’s and the players make their way up the race for the very first time, it’s time to get excited, to limber up, to don your membership lanyard and to put your game day face on. But put simply it’s time for Gold Coast SUNS fans around the country to FIRE UP!

We’re ready to fire up, are you!

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